Malta – Day 6 – The Blue Lagoon in Comino

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On day 6 in Malta, Yayoi and I spent the whole day at the Blue Lagoon in Comino.

What a beautiful place! The island of Comino itself is extremely barren, but very picturesque – there’s a lot of small lizards running round everywhere. The water at the Blue Lagoon is a sparking blue (the clue’s in the name!) and extremely clear. Great for snorkelling! One thing to beware of is the current – it is extremely strong. I am a strong swimmer, but even I had difficulty crossing the lagoon and keeping in the direction I wanted to go.

Blue Lagoon, Comino, Malta

Blue Lagoon, Comino

Don’t bother with the boat companies in Sliema and elsewhere that offer trips to the Blue Lagoon – unless that’s your thing. Do it yourself, save money, and get there earlier than everyone else to bag a good spot for the day and see the beauty of the place before it becomes overrun. Take Bus No. 45 from Valletta to Cirkewwa and then grab a water taxi over to Comino. The water taxis go direct to the Blue Lagoon.

Yayoi and I set off early from Valletta, arriving at the Blue Lagoon about 9:30am, and got a perfect position right next to the water. We spent the whole day relaxing, swimming, and snorkelling, before heading back to Cirkewwa about 4pm. A really lovely day in a beautiful setting!

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18 Responses to “Malta – Day 6 – The Blue Lagoon in Comino”

  1. Gabriella Says:


    Gorgeous pics! I’m going to Malta in the beginning of November and out planes are to visit The Blue Lagoon! Hopefully it will still be nice and warm. How much did you pay the water taxi? Did you arange a time for the water taxi to come and pick you up in the afternoon, are there scheduled times or did they stay there and wait for you?

  2. stonemole Says:

    Hi – thanks for your lovely comments!

    I’m afraid I can’t quite remember how much the water taxi to Comino was – it was so long ago now! It wasn’t that much though. You can pick the water taxi up from Cirkewwa bus station.

    The water taxi comes and goes regularly in the morning and afternoon. When you buy a ticket, it says on the back what times you can return – around 3 times in the late afternoon, as I recall.

    Have fun in Malta!

  3. Paola Says:

    Well, the stream was strong, then? I was there last summer, in June 2009 and we swam over the other side without any problems. It can certainly depend on the weather, so it’s probably not so every day! Blue Lagoon was actually really beautiful and wonderful place to be!

  4. Gareth Says:

    When you say “Do it yourself, save money, and get there earlier than everyone else” Do you mean that it is actually quicker to take the bus followed by the water taxi than to go with a local tour boat? You say that you got there at 9:30 am, but what time did you set off?

  5. stonemole Says:

    I’m guessing we left around 8, but can’t remember. I would imagine it’s quicker, but it’s more the fact that all the tour boats arrive at the same time in Comino in the morning, so if you want to beat the rush, then you need to leave early and do your own thing to beat the boats there!

  6. Syndi Says:

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and photos of Malta. I visited a friend on Gozo twice now and fell in love with the place, people and history. Your site took me back to my visits. Would love to go there again.

  7. Y Says:

    Hi! Leaving a comment as you saidnit would be nice to hear from your visitors. I’m going to Malta for 5 days at the end of April… But after reading this I feel like it’s not enough! But then again, what holiday is ever enough.. Hmm

    Really excited about the trip though.. I hope it’s not too cold in Spring ;)


  8. Marcos Says:

    i am Marcos ,28, i usually travel without using the agencies …etc and i always enjoy it, last year we did desert in three diferent countries (tunisia, algeria and morroco) living in really good accomodation just for £1.5 k
    but this year we are taking our new born Jasmine , so i was wondering if the hotels are any good in that area and if it is a family friendly place

  9. mary Says:

    hi im going to malta for 1st time in june 2012 i cant wait esp seeing the blue lagoon :}

  10. Louise Says:

    Hi :) I really hope it’s okay that I used one of your photographs on my blog? I linked it to your site, and hope it is all right! Please leave me a message if you want me to take it down, however I hope that’s not the case! I really love your blog by the way. I’m going to Malta this summer, and we are visiting the blue lagoon in Comino too! Can’t wait :D

  11. stonemole Says:

    No problem at all, Louise! :-)

  12. Mathi Says:

    Excellent tips… excellent pictures. Tempts one to take a holiday soon. Thank you for leading folks to Malta.
    Shall come back to see more such posts. And wishing you many more pleasant holidays !

  13. Pauline Wood Says:

    Wonderful stuff. Your photos and tips are just what I needed to help me with my planning. I am from Australia and was planning 5 days in Malta as part of a longer trip around the Med and Eastern Europe and thought that would be enough but now I am not so sure. Thanks again.

  14. Mark Says:

    Visiting Malta in October this year and really cant wait to go. My father has gone now for about 17 or 18 years in a row so i guess it must be good.He has all told me about the Blue Lagoon so thats top of my list. Many thanks for all the tips etc excellent.

  15. stonemole Says:

    Thanks, Mark! Hope you enjoy your trip!

  16. Mogge Says:

    Was just at The Blue Lagoon last week. Make sure to climbthe cliffs ón the other site to see the great view. Went by speed boat from the Beach at Paradise Bay Hotel for 10€ incl a tour in the caves. The boat ride ón the waves was great.

  17. 101Chris Says:

    Thanks for awesome pics of blue lagoon Malta.Good view is represent i hope everyone enjoyBlue lagoon Malta Its a amazing place for enjoyment and for sight seeing.Malta Travelnet provide special tickets and a combo ticket with 20% off so visit there and enjoy the place.

  18. lili Says:

    Hi there! Thanks for these tips! I’m planning a trip in Malta next year and I’ll make sure to visit Blue Lagon :-)

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