Daytrips from Windsor – Leith Hill

Last Saturday was the first time Yayoi and I used the best of our Xmas presents – a year’s membership to the National Trust, kindly given by my sister and her boyfriend.

With Yayoi’s love of high places for the great views, we pootled down from Windsor to Leith Hill, near Dorking in Surrey.

Leith Hill Tower

Leith Hill is the highest point in south-east England, topped by a Gothic 18th Century tower built by a Richard Hull (who is buried beneath it!), and has panoramic views towards London and the south coast.

It was quite a hazy day, but the views from the top of the tower were quite amazing.

View from Leith Hill Tower, Surrey

View from Leith Hill

There are also a few marked walks around Leith Hill, which we will try out next time – perhaps in May when the rhododendrons  and bluebells are supposed to be out.

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2 Responses to “Daytrips from Windsor – Leith Hill”

  1. ForestWander Nature Photography Says:

    Looks like a really cool place.

    The views from there look amazing.

  2. stonemole Says:

    It was very nice. Thanks for visiting!



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